You can find our delicious lunches below. The lunches are named after old Dutch coins, as a tribute to the tax office that was located in our building in the 20th century.

We also provide buffets for diner, see buffet for the options.

For drinks, please visit this page: Drinks


Lunch “Florijn” €7.95 p.p.

  • Sandwich of dark bread with garden herb spread, ham, tomato and watercress
  • Crusty sandwich bun with brie, walnuts, mixed lettuce and honey
  • Spinach wrap with cream cheese, paprika and sun-dried tomatoes


Lunch “Daalder” €8.95 p.p.

  • Multigrain ciabatta with pesto, mozzarella and tomato
  • Focaccia with garden herb spread, cheese, cucumber and arugula
  • Corn sandwich bread with avocado spread, chicken and lettuce


Lunch “Gouden Dukaat” €10.50 p.p.

  • Briquet bun with Pastrami, baba ganoush, tomato, watercress and lettuce
  • Focaccia with hummus, goat cheese, maple syrup, walnut, arugula and carrot
  • Spelt roll with smoked chicken, mango chutney, honey, pine nuts and lettuce
  • Multigrain bun with old cheese, pickles and a topping of carrot and cabbage


Seasonal products are always included in our lunches. We use them to make pasta’s, soups, salads and quiches. When needed, we will make a quotation for a warm lunch according to your wishes. Please send an email to with your request and we will propose a customized lunch.


Additional: Soups, salads and quiches.

Do you wish to extend your lunch with soup, salads or other tasty extras? Please see the options below:

  • Soup - €2.60 per person
  • Warm sausage roll - €1.80 a piece
  • Warm cheese roll - €1.80 a piece
  • Salad - €3.20 per person
  • Quiche - €16.95 a piece (one is enough for 8 persons)
  • Lasagne - €3.20 per persoon