At the Van Swinderen Huys it is possible to have a served dinner or a buffet. Of course, every dinner is different and we would love to help you to create a unique dinner for you and your guests. We will take into account your special needs such as diets and allergies. Below you will find our buffets, wich can be extended upon with a starter and/or dessert.

Please contact us at info@vanswinderenhuys.nl to discuss the possibilities for your event.

Standard buffets

Buffet from 'the Huys'

  • Vegetarian Lasagne
  • Warm Quiche
  • Soup(s) of choice
  • Fresh salad with bread


Dutch Hotchpotch   

  • 'Boerenkool' (with kale)
  • 'Hutspot' (with carrots and onions)
  • 'Zuurkool' (with saurkraut)
  • Served with sausage, pork belly (vega option available)
  • Gravy, pickles and mustard


less than 40 people             €13.50
more than 40 people           €12.50

Extensive buffets

Italian Buffet 

  • Vegetarian lasagne
  • Broccoli penne carbonara
  • Tomato sauce all 'arrabiata
  • Steak tagliata with arugula and Parmesan


Oriental Buffet     

  • Bami, nasi & rice
  • Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce
  • Baked banana
  • Spring rolls
  • Atjar


less than 40 people             €17.50
more than 40 people           €16.50