A drink is not complete without some tasty bites. At the Van Swinderen Huys we have a wide range of canapes available. We will gladly help you choosing the right canapes for your event.



Plate with canapes from "De Kaaskop"

€ 3,00 per person

Local cheeses, sausage and nuts

Mixed snacks

€ 0,50 per piece

Luxurious "bitterballen" (meatballs)

€ 0,50 per piece

Vegetables dip with humus

€ 2,- per person


€ 2,50 per bowl


€ 3,00 per plate

Mediterranee (mix from Spanish, Greek en North-African) 

Served with bread

€ 11,50 per person

Italian antipasti

Served with bread

€ 11,50 per person